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Vektor 1 can reach out and deliver tubing in excess of 38'. At it's max height it can withstand an 80mph side wind load and still safely handle 1200lbs in the trough. Vektor 1 is the most capable hydraulic pipe machine on the market!


Not only can Vektor 1 deliver tubing to the rig floor safely, efficiently, and quickly.....Vektor 1 is also light weight. Weighing in at 18,500 lbs GVWR if you want a machine you can move from well to well, field to field, or even from state to state this is the pipe handling machine for you. 





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Vektor 1 Delivers

Product Description:

Vektor 1 is an electronic over hydraulic powered pipe pickup laydown machine or as some may call it a hydraulic catwalk. The maximum height of the trough is 38' tall and with your tubing overhanging the edge of the trough to properly lift out the maximum height is in excess of 38'. At maximum height and with a maximum side wind load rating of 80 mph the Vektor 1 can safely deliver 1200 lbs to the rig floor, at lower heights it can deliver more weight under the same stressful conditions up to 2800 lbs (see capabilities page). It's lightweight yet stable design allows the trailer to be moved around with ease from well to well or from shop to shop. Finally all necessary points of contact are coated with a unique polyurethane blend to prevent any mishandling of CRA tubulars.

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Premier Hydraulic Pickup Laydown Machine
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Our lift summary page will detail the angle of lift needed to give you max payload at any desired height. Also, the chart will show you how far past the end of the trailer your trough will be extended at those given heights and loads. On each of our units you will find a similar chart engraved in steel along with an angle indicator so that your operator can quickly and effectively reference the chart and angle indicator to insure he is working within the capabilities of the unit. After a quick review of our load chart you will see we are the most capable pipe handler on the market.